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Andrew Scott Training Consultancy Ltd

Andrew has been coaching for the last 20 years, and is qualified as a coach and a coaching supervisor.

His clients have ranged from international Financial Services organisations to FMCG companies, from Police to the NHS, and from Charities to Stables. In recent years, he has been particularly in demand in the Higher Education sector, where he has worked with some thirty Universities.

In 2016, Andrew published Shifting Stories: How changing their stories can transform people

Typical coaching assignments include:

‣ Working with the senior partner in a professional service practice, to transform his pitch to potential clients;

‣  Helping a large number of staff facing imminent redundancy to identify their strengths, values and aspirations, and develop effective plans to create the futures they desired;

‣  Being a confidential thinking partner to the Vice Chancellor of a leading University;

‣  Helping a new team leader build her confidence, whilst reorganising a fractious team, to overcome past suspicions in order to provide an excellent service to their internal clients;

‣  Working with an academic leader to overcome severe imposter syndrome, and discover her inner resourcefulness to be appropriately assertive in a range of challenging situations.

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