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Andy Kenny Psychosensory Therapy


Trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Master Practitioner Level, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to Diagnostic Level and a Heartmath Qualified Coach trained in Biofeedback.


I use a combination of the above to help clients with psychological issues such as anxiety, fears, phobias and confidence, anger and sleep issues.

I have a passion for learning and constantly improving my knowledge and skills to up level and help people overcome life issues.

An experienced Youth worker since 1999 and a Coach since 2006 I have helped people aged 8 to 80 on a range of different issues.  

Through effective communication and listening skills I quickly get to the root cause of the issue.


I help my clients identify their values and beliefs and gain clarity and focus regarding future goal setting.


I can help my clients install desired beliefs on a subconscious level with left brain right brain integration techniques. Any emotional barriers can be removed quickly with TFT and I can evidence the problem is gone using Applied Kinesiology muscle testing.

Combining my learning experience and intuition gives me a high success rate with people wanting to experience positive change. I believe I can help anyone who wants to change and can help you achieve your goals and maximise your true potential.

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