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Collaborative Professional Development Works (CPDWORKS) because:

  1. Deep trust and psychological safety create the essential foundations for any sustainable professional development.

  2. A Collaborative Coach Approach to learning and development enables change to come from within individuals and teams.

  3. “Collaborative” in this context means working with others to clarify each party’s desired outcomes and expectations.

  4. “Professional” means working to the highest available standards and being open to innovation.

  5. “Development” means tailoring the optimum approach to enable individuals and teams to fulfil their potential.

  6. “Works” refers to the demonstrable achievement of results using a combination of credentialed coaches and facilitators, validated diagnostic tools and qualitative client feedback.


The founder of CPDWORKS, Ian Walker is a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, Lencioni 5 Behaviours and Belbin accredited Facilitator

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