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Next Level Performance Ltd

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We help people to make the best of themselves, individually and collectively, through coaching, team coaching, coaching supervision, culture change, leadership development and other facilitative support, taking people to a new level in their thinking, their activity and their life satisfaction.

Next Level Performance is headed by Jeremy Gomm, a highly experienced coach and coach supervisor whose open and friendly approach is based on a foundation of practical creativity and clarity of purpose. He is sensitively but demandingly challenging in pursuit of his clients realising their true potential and achieving their personal and professional ambitions.

Jeremy has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, in the public sector and for SMEs. His client experience includes Microsoft, BT, AXA Insurance, BBC World Service, 3M, Shell, PwC, the NHS and a variety of marketing, manufacturing, service and retail SMEs, local government, charities and the education sector.

In collaboration with a variety of skilled professionals, Jeremy has delivered results which have generated outstanding outcomes in individual, team and leadership development, personal fulfilment and cultural change. 

His work in supporting the coaching profession was recognised by his peers as winner of the prestigious Coaching at Work External Coaching/Mentoring Champion award 2019.

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