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This is the first blog that is being shared on the Coaching Hub and as a result it is appropriate to offer some context and vision for its future.

If you are taking a look at this web site, it Is likely that you are interested in coaching and mentoring and will appreciate the power such enabling interventions can have. Whether this is through having received coaching or mentoring on an individual or group basis or being a trained coach or mentor; we bid you WELCOME would like and to invite you into to our fold and share our aspirations directly.

There is substantive evidence that coaching and mentoring can improve performance, create clearer communication, improve team working and goal attainment, support change, create greater collaboration and alignment, improve focus, decision making and generate inclusivity; to name a selective few researched and documented benefits.

You need to ask yourself why wouldn’t you use these engaging methods of achieving such outputs?

The researched and documented benefit of coaching and mentoring can be applied by anyone; to any scenario, in any context in any place, so why wouldn’t you use such methods that offer such flexibility?

The foundation of the our Coaching Hub is to answer these questions in a positive manner and to share some simple to learn interventions with those who wish to utilise them in their personal, work or social environment. The adoption of coaching and mentoring models can provide a common language and framework for growth, positivity and development. Now could not be a better time to learn the basics of coaching and mentoring and support sustainable activities across the community. While this is one of the primary reasons for the existence of the Coaching Hub, we wish to ensure this is achieved in a measured and systematic manner to demonstrate the value that coaching and mentoring can have within multiple community scenarios and applications.

The Coaching Hub will provide the necessary resource, coach and mentor training and support for anyone who is serious about applying coaching and mentoring for the greater benefit. We would love to hear from you, to share ideas and projects in your area. We would also be delighted to hear of any specific challenges you have been able to address with coaching and mentoring to add to our evidential knowledge base.

Please sign up to become a member and we will gladly keep you posted on all potential opportunities.

Welcome – from the Coaching Hub Team

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