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The Aware Leader

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An EMCC Practitioner-level coach, coach trainer and supervisor, I’m an experienced HR/OD professional with a proven track record in the development of leaders and teams at all levels in organisations. I support leaders to achieve their ambitions and make real and positive changes.Typical coaching areas include career transitions, developing resilience, confidence and emotional intelligence, managing change, identifying and developing strengths, stakeholder and relationship management, improving work-life-balance and maximising your style and skills to perform well, deliver greater engagement and get the best from others.   

An outcome-focused coach, I’m passionate about the benefits of coaching, and in particular the increased self-awareness that arises from coaching and the positive impact on individuals both professionally and personally. While coaching sessions cover many topics, one aspect that emerges consistently is an internal block: self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-belief.

I focus on increasing awareness and personal insight with the aim of making mind-set and behavioural change. Coaching raises awareness of what interferes with performance and wellbeing, and builds focus to notice and stop these patterns. Accredited in diagnostic tools and techniques, I flex the support I provide to suit each individual’s motivations and needs to support them in achieving their goals.

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